mercredi 19 mai 2010

Here We ARE

Pleased to meet you. My name is JOSE.
I played in many bands since 1986. Yeah I'm old.
I played (drums or bass or guitar or whatever) in CREAKIN'LEEK, FREEWAY, DOODLESOUNDS, MIRABEL, THE SLEAZY KIDS, JULL and some others I just can't remember. The last one was FIRECRACKERS and we kicked some major booties.

Now i feel like it's time to make a new thing happen.
I got some songs in my bag, and i create many new ones those days.
This project is a "solo project" but in the same time it's made to meet (and do things with) many people. I'm fed up with traditional ways of making music those days. I just wanna have fun & create.
Do songs with people I love, record them as fast as possible and release them as fast as possible. No masterplan. Like in the old days, y'know ?
We shall be only three on stage, with my mates Dimitri & Mathias.
Sometimes I may be alone too. Sometimes we may be eight. No special rules.

A first 5/6 songs record will be out in september. It will be recorded this summer by LAM SON NGUYEN & FRANCK HEDIN. This first one will be mainly acoustic and very "grounded".
The songs you can hear for now on this page or our myspace page (ASTRONOMY DOMINE & THE EVIL THAT MEN DO) are just covers I made in my bed this winter, because i felt like it.
So that's it.
Can't wait to see you at the venue's bar.

LOVE. Jose.

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