mardi 27 juillet 2010

First Record Diary - THE HOUSE

We recorded there from july 18th to 25 th. A house in "Cevennes", France. It belongs to Simon, former rhesus drummer & cool dude.
It was amazing. We'll post videos and pics later in august.
And will tell you more AND MORE about this intense week.
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lundi 12 juillet 2010

SUMMER Holidays

Hi there.
No news until mid-august because :

- we tan & swim & drink fuit juice & relax

- we go recording OUR FIRST RECORD in a damn cool secret place (july 18-july 26) where there is NO Internet.
We'll take pics & vids to show you later.

- then we mix the whole thing (august).
We won't take pics and show you, it's just boring.

- then we make a full week of rehearsal on stage (august 26-august 31).
We'll take pics and show you, only if Mathias shows piercings on his nipples.

Enjoy your summer.

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