mercredi 18 août 2010


"Dusty" Remi comes from Canada. SORRY !!! From Quebec. Lac Saint-Jean, to be precise.
Remi plays guitar, banjo, Dobro, Lap Steel & Pedal Steel & all those funny instruments with strings from "americana" music.
He's got guitars and amps that just drive me crazy, really. He has a Gibson J200 that he kindly lent me for the recording, it's just ... perfect.
He sings and plays wild electric guitar in DUSTER 71. He sings and plays good old songs with LES BANDITS.
IMO he's reponsible for the way the first record is gonna sound like because :
1 - he learnt me how to love the weird and old instruments (and how to play them, even if you'd laugh seing me playing bottleneck after him, for example ...)
2 - he composed mainly of "Dusty" and "Winter's Gone" (click links to see us play the song just after having composed them) 2 of the 7 tracks from the first record (out on sept 21st).

You may see him on stage with us sometimes.
Few question to my favorite Guitar Encyclopedia

- favorite record : "Never Mind the Bollocks" by The Sex Pistols"
- best show : "Voivod / Slayer / Venom on the same bill in Quebec city.....1984"
- your idol : " Normand L'Amour"
- your hangover remedy : "wait 'n' see"
- worst thing a girl ever told you : "No girls ever told me bad things"
- next tattoo : "Probably a sleeping cat somewhere........"
- any stocks in Wall Streets ? : "I sold'em all on september 10th 2001"
- will you have a 5 or 6 strings bass ? : "I already have a ten strings guitar......what could I do with something else ?"
- do you believe that man went on the moon ? : "Of course I do. that's where the "Lucky Charms" cereals come from"
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