dimanche 26 septembre 2010

TOUR PICS : sept.2010 (1)

We had a GREAT week (let's call it "... and SUZE for All Tour") in Grenoble/Valence/Lyon/Voiron/Annecy.
We played in very different places.
So we played in many different ways : some shows were totally accoustic, other ones were totally electric. Some were mixed.
But everytime we met real cool people, in nice venues.
Thanx a LOT to : Charles&Simo @ "L'improbable" (Valence) / Karl&Avedick @ "Trokson" (Lyon) / Sophie&Ben @ "the incredible flat" (Lyon) / Bertrand & Mel @ "1835" (Voiron) / Fred @ "Comptoir de la Folie ordinaire" (Annecy) / Didier "Trucker" / Lovely Monument / ALL opening acts : Jesse Van Horn, 60.000 Lakes (ex-Bandits) / Max C. / Lull / Like A Dream
Here are few pics from Valence/Voiron/Annecy (other ones coming later).
If you got some please send a mail to pictures@wastemen.net

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