lundi 29 novembre 2010

DUDE is a wasteman

DUDE used to play lead guitar in THE SLEAZY KIDS (late 80s and early 90s french band).
That was my first real band, when they took me on bass in 1990. They learned me everything about Rock'n'roll. For me it was like playing with AC/DC or GUNS'N'ROSES, they were my idols.
Dude was the coolest guy on earth, and still is.
He came on stage last saturday to play "Keep on rocking in the free world", a Neil Young cover that always ened our shows in the good old SLEAZY KIDS days. We also played "Going Down", a kickass-hit-song that we'll cover on our next record (Dude, Nassau & Renaud from the Sleazy Kids will be part of the recording for that one and i'm so HAPPY with that idea).
Few stupid questions to know more about DUDE

-----Favorite record ?

-----Best show ?

-----Your idol ?
- "Angus Young - Slash - Claude (my father) -  Jesus"

-----Your hangover remedy ?
- "Think about the good times you had, puke, and sleep."
-----Worst thing a woman ever told you
- "Okay come on, shoot now ! I'm done" 

-----Next tattoo ?
- "Intitials of the people I love in the Gibson font (it works)".

-----Any stocks in Wall Streets ? :
- "No, take them back".

----- What about Remi's guitar nerdism ? 
-"Incredible, I never saw that.".

---- Do you think man really went on the moon.
 - "Sure. And I did it too. A lot"

lundi 22 novembre 2010


Look what I discovered on our facebook page today, kickass design for nov.27th show !
Trouvé sur le facebook du groupe aujourd'hui : design de tuerie pour le concert du 27 novembre !
THANX NINE LIVE ALEX (check his blog) !!!

jeudi 18 novembre 2010

mardi 16 novembre 2010

vendredi 12 novembre 2010


Seignor Adrien Cotoreich is a fucking COOL GUY who manages "GOING BLIND " gallery in Grenoble, along with Riton La Mort, the Alps' hypest. We first met in 2006 at a festival where he insulted me for the poster I've done ("It's pure crap. Your stuff looks like a Beck's poster from 94") and it was close to a bleeding nose party. Then we met years later on the ROCKBATEN 2007 and we had the times of our lives. And now we work together. Happy ending. And long live "GOING BLIND " !!!
Seignor Adrien Cotoreich est un putain de MEC COOL qui tient la galerie "Going Blind" à Grenoble, avec Riton La Mort, fin du fin de la hype alpine. On s'est rencontré en 2006 sur un festival où il m'a insulté pour l'affiche que j'avais faite ("C'est de la grosse merde. On dirait un poster de Beck de 94")  et ça a failli finir en festival de nez sanguinolent. Un an et demi après on s'est rencontré au ROCKBATEN 2007 et on s'est éclaté comme des malades. Maintenant on bosse ensemble, putain comme c'est touchant j'ai la chiale. Ils vécurent heureux et eurent pleins de mioches etc.etc. Longue vie à "GOING BLIND " !!!

samedi 6 novembre 2010

NAT is a waste(WO)man

Nat sings in a great heavy-soul band called LAFAYETTE.
On "Seven Cevennes Cicadas" (free download here) Nat sings along with me on: "Just a Song", "Dusty" & "Girls".
Nat & I sang together as a duo on FIRECRACKERS' "Pinball Machine Blues", released in late 2009.
When it was time to record in july, it was quite natural for me to have her as a very special guest. And the result speaks for itself : I could not dream better. Not mentioning she learned me few tricks to be a better singer. No, I WON'T tell you. ;-)

Fews questions to the "8 feet tall black queen" below, to know more about her.

-----Favorite record ?
- Dusty SPRINGFIELD "Dusty in menphis" & a compilation called "COUNTRY GOT SOUL volume 1" 

-----Best show ?

- FIRECRACKERS+RODOE MASSACRE+LAFAYETTE in Grenoble 2009, a pure show. DEAD WHEATER's TV show in Paris 2009 : they gave me the chills !

-----Your idol ?

- No idols ... OR they all O.D.ed .... except one : KEITH RICHARDS !

-----Your hangover remedy ?

- any live recording by THE WHO.

-----Worst thing a man ever told you
- "You're useless" 

-----Next tattoo ?
- first names of my beloved children on my wrists.

-----Any stocks in Wall Streets ? :
- definitly not. All I got is on me.

-----What's the secret for singing on high heels  ? 
- to forget about them.

-----Do you believe that man went on the moon ?
- if you mean "FOR SURE" ... mmm welll .... no.

-----Your book ?
- "Please kill me"

<<<<<<<<<<< Remember or discover the good old days !

Nat and I singing "Pinball Machine Blues" single (7 " available here)
I still dig this song A LOT.