samedi 6 novembre 2010

NAT is a waste(WO)man

Nat sings in a great heavy-soul band called LAFAYETTE.
On "Seven Cevennes Cicadas" (free download here) Nat sings along with me on: "Just a Song", "Dusty" & "Girls".
Nat & I sang together as a duo on FIRECRACKERS' "Pinball Machine Blues", released in late 2009.
When it was time to record in july, it was quite natural for me to have her as a very special guest. And the result speaks for itself : I could not dream better. Not mentioning she learned me few tricks to be a better singer. No, I WON'T tell you. ;-)

Fews questions to the "8 feet tall black queen" below, to know more about her.

-----Favorite record ?
- Dusty SPRINGFIELD "Dusty in menphis" & a compilation called "COUNTRY GOT SOUL volume 1" 

-----Best show ?

- FIRECRACKERS+RODOE MASSACRE+LAFAYETTE in Grenoble 2009, a pure show. DEAD WHEATER's TV show in Paris 2009 : they gave me the chills !

-----Your idol ?

- No idols ... OR they all O.D.ed .... except one : KEITH RICHARDS !

-----Your hangover remedy ?

- any live recording by THE WHO.

-----Worst thing a man ever told you
- "You're useless" 

-----Next tattoo ?
- first names of my beloved children on my wrists.

-----Any stocks in Wall Streets ? :
- definitly not. All I got is on me.

-----What's the secret for singing on high heels  ? 
- to forget about them.

-----Do you believe that man went on the moon ?
- if you mean "FOR SURE" ... mmm welll .... no.

-----Your book ?
- "Please kill me"

<<<<<<<<<<< Remember or discover the good old days !

Nat and I singing "Pinball Machine Blues" single (7 " available here)
I still dig this song A LOT.

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