mercredi 22 juin 2011


On monday 19th and tuesay 20th we recorded a new song with Dimitri : "Holy Mountain etude#01".
Nadj also came for some backing vocals as you can see. We did a psychedelic soundtrack for Moonchild's summer 2012 collection called "Holy Mountain", that shall be used on a video teaser to be released in July.
Only one 12 strings Danelectro (you can't see here), an ebow & effects on a Strat, synth, drums and percussions.
It's a good start for the next record that will be really "weird". Well, compared to the two others we've already done.
Dimitri took care of recording, he played synths & drums. I did the guitars, percussions & we both sang & did arrangements.
We really had fun building this "on the spot".

Hope you'll like it when it's out on the Moonchild video.

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